Sthephan G. Stephansson Poetry


Gleaming through the gloaming,
Geysers, wild, arising,
Tip the rocks with tapers,
Twos and more afusing.
Lambent rays illumine
Living bows aquiver.

Rainbows, lined with lanterns,
Light the way so brightly,
'Round the summits running
Rills of golden spillings.

Winter's hand, in hundreds,
Heaves the flares at even.
Icy cones, like candles,
Quicken till they flicker.
Spangles thrown asprinkle
Spray the night with daylight.

Glossy reaches glisten,
Glasslike, to the flashes
Of the fireworks' fury
Far beyond the Arctic.

Written in 1904

Translated by Paul Bjarnason.

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