Sthephan G. Stephansson Poetry


When sunny hills are draped in velvet shadows
By summer night
And Lady moon hangs out among the tree tops
Her crescent bright;
And when the welcome evening breeze is cooling
My fevered brow
And all who toil rejoice that blessed night time
Approaches now —

When out among the herds the bells are tinkling
Now clear, now faint,
As in the woods a lonely bird is voicing
His evening plaint;
The wandering breeze with drowsy accent whispers
Its melody,
And from the brook the joyous cries of children
Are borne to me;

When fields of grain have caught a gleam of moonlight
But dark the ground —
A pearl-grey mist has filled to over-flowing
The dells around;
Some golden stars are peeping forth to brighten
The eastern wood —
Then I am resting out upon my doorstep
In nature's mood.

My heart reflects the rest and sweet rejoicing
Around, above;
Where beauty is the universal language
And peace and love.
Where all things seem to join in benediction
And prayers for me;
Where at night's loving heart both earth and heaven
At rest I see.

And when the last of all my days is over,
The last page turned —
And, whatsoever shall be deemed in wages
That I have earned,
In such a mood I hope to be composing
My sweetest lay —
And then extend my hand to all the world
And pass away.

Written in 1883

Translated by Jakobína Johnson.

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